Finding strength in his vulnerability, Skaiwater is coming into his own as an emerging recording artist. With his talents interwoven between rapping, singing, producing, songwriting and engineering, the 21 year old leans into his knack for self-discovery to create atmospheric music that encourages introspection and explores a genuinely personable range of emotions. Skaiwater realized early on that a passion for music was in his blood and would undeniably shape the course of his life. From learning firsthand from his father, who was also a rapper, to teaching himself the ins and outs of music production, Skaiwater spent his childhood enamored by the tastemaking legacy artists in the United States, going on to record his first song at the age of 15. 

In 2019, he independently released his first cohesive EP, After God Fears Eve, a 6-track offering that further confirmed how immensely gratifying it is to share one's deeply personal work with others, especially when creating from the solace of one's own bedroom studio. Following this well-received release, he took a formative trip to America, where he was able to connect in-person with others on the same wavelength as him, including close friend and collaborator (HOLIDAY) Lil Nas X. In Spring 2020, with his vision for his future as clear as ever, Skaiwater joined the Cinematic Music Group family. He has since steadily released a handful of loose singles, as well as his first official mixtape release titled “Happy Hour”. Continuing to find his voice through his experiences and expand on his charismatic, unique sound, Skaiwater is now gearing up to release an EP titled “Gigi”. The EP sees Skaiwater delve into new territories as he is stepping away from making rap music and leaning towards a more alternative sound, mixing EDM with jersey club music.